Mermaid Fare Inc. specializes in wild and cultivated brown seaweed species from the North Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Custom powder, meal, and liquid concentrates servicing the nutraceutical, cosmetic, and F&B ingredient markets.

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Seaweed in Ottawa

This past weekend Ontario based Mermaid Fare Inc. sales representative Amy Longard dished up one of her famous quinoa salads using dulse and offered samples and retail products at the Live The Smart Way Expo in Ottawa.

What was the response? The nation's capital loves seaweed! Get in touch with Amy on how to order Mermaid Fare's retail products.

Mermaid Colouring & Seaweed Recipe Book
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Mermaid Colouring & Seaweed Recipe Book

The Mermaid Colouring & Seaweed Recipe Book contains more than 20 illustrations by Laurelle Jamieson of under water fun, ocean wisdom, with forward and scientific contribution by Dr. Alan Critchley. 

Discover plant based recipes for the galley, bath, and all ages using sea vegetable species commonly found in Nova Scotia, Canada.

$1 of every copy goes to the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation to support our natural resources and underwater friends.

Some recipes include. . .

-Beach Ettiquette

-Seaweed Salad

-Miso Soup

-Seaweed In Your Garden

-Coconut Hair Mask

-And lots more!


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09/04/17 - Mermaid Fare hosted a "Cooking With Seaweed" workshop at the Haskapa Halifax, Nova Scotia storefront location with Ottawa, Ontario based sales representative and brand ambassador Amy Longard, R.H.N. talking about the many benefits of sea vegetables for humans, plants, and animals. We were happy to see students from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and have the opportunity to feed tasty seaweed treats to so many keen listeners.

The plant based menu was...

- Seaweed Tea

- Seaweed Popcorn with Turmeric "Butter"

- King Triton Smoothie

- Dulse Pate

- Chickpea Salad

- Seaweed Salted Truffles

IN THE NEWS: Victoria Beckham, Gwenyth Paltrow and Madonna add brown algae to their diets - Read the full story here.

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