With a desire to create sustainable products that assist in human health - Mermaid Fare was created in 2013. Since then we have discovered apart from human health, sea vegetables can reach many industries and offer natural solutions.

Originating always and only from regulated wild species and approved, licensed aquaculture leaseholds throughout the North East Atlantic region, Mermaid Fare Inc. provides sustainably managed high value sea vegetables and seaweed based products. 

Our outlook is eco-friendly with cultivation and regulation being an important factor in Mermaid Fare's ethics to provide quality products.

Edible sea vegetable's are a secure, plant based food source for our planet's growing population and do not require feed or fertilizer to grow. In addition to the nutritional benefits of eating sea vegetables, research shows certain species positive effects in reducing ocean acidification - making sea vegetables both a suitable food source and commercial ingredient for the future.



Mermaid Fare Values