Company Overview

With a desire to create sustainable products that assist in human health - Mermaid Fare was created in 2013. Since then we have discovered apart from human health, sea vegetables can reach many industries and offer natural solutions.

Originating always and only from regulated wild species and approved, licensed aquaculture leaseholds throughout the North East Atlantic region, Mermaid Fare Inc. provides sustainably managed high value sea vegetables and seaweed based products. 

Mission Values

Our company mission is creating innovative seaweed products that assist in the health of humans and ultimately our planet through sustainable and environmentally friendly processing methods – offering manufacturers and consumers alternatives to food and ingredient choices.

Edible sea vegetable's are a secure, plant based food source for our planet's growing population and do not require feed or fertilizer to grow. In addition to the nutritional benefits of eating sea vegetables, research shows certain species positive effects in reducing ocean acidification - making sea vegetables both a suitable food source and commercial ingredient for the future.

Our future plans aim to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through our mission values, targeting malnutrition through a highly nutritious and secure food source, stimulating economies in rural areas by implementing seaweed operations, and growing our diverse team.

Product Development Services & Initiatives

• Formulated Retail Food Prototypes

• Formulated Cosmetic Prototypes

• Functional Food Ingredients

• Functional Cosmetic Ingredients

• Process & Technology Transfer

• Product Development & Processing Initiative

• Rural Wild Harvesting & Cultivation Support


Mermaid Message

Greetings from the sea,

This is Taylor Widrig – Founder and President of Mermaid Fare, Inc.

Our brand aims to bring seaweed into the North American household, and to make the many benefits of sea vegetables easily available to the consumer from a source they can trust.

Sea vegetables are a rich source of many nutrients including trace minerals, vitamin C, omegas, plant based protein, calcium, a range of B vitamins – and so much more. Not only are sea vegetables a highly nutritious food, they offer many topical benefits to the skin thanks to their natural bio-active compounds.

Mermaid Fare, a business of diversity, cares about sustainability and advocates for the ecological governance of our oceans. We are open to research partnerships and stimulating innovation in Atlantic Canada with a natural resource.

Thank you for visiting the Mermaid Fare website – we get excited about seaweed, and think you will too.

- Taylor

Taylor created Mermaid Fare with a background in culinary arts, recipe development, and health & wellness. Prior to starting Mermaid Fare Taylor worked in the private yachting industry as a yacht chef throughout the USA, Caribbean, and Mediterranean before attending the Living Light Culinary Institute in California and the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC in 2013, and then returned to her native home of Nova Scotia to launch Mermaid Fare.