Are you a harvester looking to sell your product? 

Mermaid Fare offers support with obtaining necessary laboratory testing and nutritional information for your product to ensure the highest quality end result for our customers. 

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Are you a manufacturing company looking to buy or sell specialty sea vegetable ingredients?

Mermaid Fare can offer you more sales through our wide purchasing network within various industries. Inquire to learn more about different formats and species for your product.

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Are you a company with a seaweed based product that wants to grow?

Mermaid Fare can offer insight and distribution chains to grow your product and make your idea become a reality through blank label collaboration.  

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Bulk and Wholesale Options

Saccharina Japonica

This variety of seaweed is a kelp within the brown algae family - rich in iodine, minerals and includes the polysaccharide, fucoidan. This variety is available in bulk quantities shredded or whole leaf. Inquire within for information on bulk ordering.

Liquid Saccharina Lamanaria Supplement

This product is a natural source of iodine and can be added to smoothies, beverages, human food products and livestock/pet food products. The species is a kelp and belongs to the brown algae family and sometimes known as 'Sugar Kelp'. Available in bulk quantity or retail 250mL bottles. 

Powdered Lamanaria Digitata

This trendy and powerful product is available sun dried or dehyrdated. Lamanaria and brown algae's are noted in their support of the thyroid, hair strength, and nourishing elements to boost immunity