Meet the Sea Farmers

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Steve & Thierry

Steven Backman and Thierry Chopin checking on the sugar kelp growth at Magellan Aqua Farms in Southern New Brunswick in the beautiful pristine Bay of Fundy. Both Sugar Kelp and Alaria seaweeds grow on these lines and they are seeded by cultivation expert Thierry Chopin, also known as “The Seaweed King” worldwide.


Science Experts

Dr. Thierry Chopin is a Professor of Marine Biology at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and is a world renowned seaweed expert specializing in Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA). Dr. Steven Backman is the owner of Magellan Aqua Farms and when he is not operating his Sea Farm, he is busy being a pioneer in fish veterinarian medicine.


The Sea Farm

The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tides in the world and flushes nutrients through many aquaculture systems located in this region. Magellan Aqua farms utilizes the IMTA method and grows tasty Giant Sea Scallops in synergy with the sea vegetables, producing premium and nutritious foods with a low carbon footprint.